Monday, February 25, 2013

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena: VI.IV.MMXII - XI.XXVIII.MMXII 6xCDr Box Set (INO-080 / AR-021)

Box set of the first six full-moon recordings by Matt LaComette (Aunt's Analog) and Hunter Shaw (Dakota Hogback). Heavy harsh walls of dense drone and static. Packaged in a white printed box with a booklet, in a numbered edition of 25.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

MXCG - French Kissed Honey CDr (INO-078)

New harsh noise release by Mike Garza (formerly known as Huev) from San Antonio, TX. Mike was also responsible for the noise anti-labels Lame Cunts Imagination and Magenta Dick in the mid-00s. Nine untitled tracks of raw static rumble. Edition of 30. $5 + shipping

Skullcaster - Bug Pr0n CDr (INO-077)

Full-length release of rhythmic and harsh outer-space sounds. Crushing echo in 23 short tracks inspired by creeping six-legged species. Edition of 30.