Available Releases:

Attic Ted - The Pandemic Single 7" (INO-128 / PCR#77) $5 [info]

Aunt’s Analog - Distorted Reality [Dissociated Tracks 2005-2012] CDr (INO-114) $5 [info]

Brent Fariss - Bliss... CDr (INO-104) $5 [info]

Korperschwache - The Unpublished Notebooks Of Erich Zann CDr (INO-103) $5 [info]

Stress Orphan - Infiltrate And Kill (INO-097) $5 [info]

Various Artists - Austin Noise 2014 2xCDr (INO-096) $5 [info]

Palus Somni - Mappa Sonitus V.XXV.MMXIII CDr (INO-094 / AR-032) $5 [info]

Palus Somni - Mappa Sonitus III.XXVII.MMXIII CDr (INO-088 / AR-030) $5 [info]

Palus Somni - Mappa Sonitus II.XXV.MMXIII CDr (INO-087 / AR-029) $5 [info]

Palus Somni - Mappa Sonitus I.XXVI.MMXIII CDr (INO-085 / AR-028) $5 [info]

Various Artists - Austin Noise 2013 2xCDr (INO-081) $5 [info]

MXCG - French Kissed Honey CDr (INO-078) $5 [info]

Death.Sick.Cunt - Priest Abuse CDr (INO-063) $5 [info]

Book Of Shadows - Cosmos-Mother CDr (INO-049) $5 [info]

The Sleuths - Sleuth Science CDr (INO-043) $5 [info]

Book Of Shadows - The Morphail Effect CDr (INO-042) $5 [info]

Cavedweller - Gone To Seed/Tape CS (INO-041) $5 [info]

Deadcode - Remix 'N' Mingle CDr (INO-034) $5 [info]

The Oblong Boys - Pizzazarama Universe CD (INO-009) $5 [info]

Distributed Releases:

Cavedweller - Sugary Glue And A Bow Of Bees CD (Business Deal Records) $5

Cavedweller - The Best Version Of Gloria Ever There Was CD (Business Deal Records) $5

Zom Zoms - One Brain CD (Omega Point Records) $5

Various Artists - Business Deal Top 40 Of 2005 CD (Business Deal Records) $5

Various Artists - Yeast By Sweet Beast 2020 (USB Memory Stick) $15 [info]

Out Of Print Releases:

Aunt's Analog & Tigre Merde - Conduct The Philharmonic Orchestra CDr (INO-119) [info]

Aunt's Analog & Eggtooth - Everything But Rap & Country CS (INO-118) [info]

Aunt's Analog - "reality" Is A Pu$$y 3"CDr (INO-117)

Anime Love Hotel / Richard Kamerman / Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / Aunt's Analog - Noise Was A Mistake 2016 Tour Split CDr (INO-116)

Aunt’s Analog - Inverted Dao In Mystic Void CDr (INO-115) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - 13 Japanese Turds CDr (INO-113)

Aunt's Analog & Grandpa Lies Again CDr (INO-112)

Various Artists - Austin Noise 2016 3xCDr (INO-111) [info]

Aunt's Analog & Saca Mocos - As Above, So Below CDr (INO-110) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Saca Mocos - Who Needs Guitars Anyway? CDr (INO-109)

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / T.E.F. CDr (INO-108)

Various Artists - Austin Noise 2015 3xCDr (INO-107) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Tortured Master CS (INO-106) [info]

Aunt's Analog / Garbage Mask - Split CDr (INO-105) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Shrill Noise Wave CDr (INO-102) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Aunt's Analog - 2014 Tour Split / Collaboration CDr (INO-101)

The Rita / Aedeagus / Brutalest / Vomir - Split CS (INO-100) [info]

HARD. - Senior CDr (INO-099)

Aunt's Analog - Psychotic Zen II CDr (INO-098) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Psychotic Zen I CDr (INO-095) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / Sex Bruises / Dromez / Dakota Hogback - Harsh Party Tour 2013 2xCDr (INO-093)

Sex Bruises - White Torture CDr (INO-092)

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Aunt's Analog - Rain-Blo Electronics CDr (INO-091)

Ypoféroun CDr (INO-090 / AR-034)

Palus Somni - Mappa Sonitus IV.XXV.MMXIII CDr (INO-089 / AR-031) [info]

Aunt's Analog / Soma CDr (INO-086) [info]

Dromez - Space Is No Escape 2nd Edition CDr (INO-084-2)

Dromez - Space Is No Escape CDr (INO-084) [info]

Mucophagia - Muco-Mix CDr (INO-083)

Peasant / Justin Marc Lloyd - Fungal Poverty CDr (INO-082) [info]

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena - The Complete Recordings 6xCDr BOX (INO-080 / AR-021) [info]

Perna Ovum - First Demo CDr (INO-079)

Skullcaster - Bug Pr0n CDr (INO-077) [info]

Aurora Plastics Company - Cavern Of Delights CDr (INO-076)

The Haters & Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Live Bootleg & Remix 3"CDr (INO-075)

The Moronic - Def Jam CDr (INO-074)

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Aunt's Analog - Anal Nirvana CDr (INO-073)

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena X.XXIX.MMXII CDr (INO-072 / AR-020) [info]

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena IX.XXX.MMXII CDr (INO-071 / AR-019) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Trash Classical CDr (INO-070) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / Princess Army Wedding Combat / Death.Sick.Cunt / Clemon CDr (INO-069)

Brutalest & Stoned To Death - Bleakest Buds CDr (INO-068) [info]


Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena VIII.XXXI.MMXII CDr (INO-066 / AR-018) [info]

Mucophagia - Rhinotillexomania CS (INO-065)

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Death.Sick.Cunt, And Gym Mat Nap - Blowing Big, Throbbing Minds CDr (INO-064)

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena VII.III.MMXII CDr (INO-062 / AR-017) [info]

Palus Somni - Murus Luna Plena VI.IV.MMXII CDr (INO-061 / AR-016) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Natural Music (INO-060 / $2R-002) [info]

Night Viking - Talking Tuxedo CD Maxi-Single 3"CDr (INO-059) [info]

Yogurt Patrol - Hooker Booger 3"CDr (INO-058) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Mummybutt 3"CDr (INO-057)

Dromez - Weedhouse 2nd Edition CDr (INO-056-2)

Dromez - Weedhouse CDr (INO-056) [info]

Brutalest - Black Drama CDr (INO-055) [info]

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Aunt's Analog - Chernobyl Cock CDr (INO-054)

Gym Mat Nap - Country Phaser CDr (INO-053 / $2R-001) [info]

Mema - In Your Room, Going Through Your Stuff CDr (INO-052)

Sex Bruises & Dakota Hogback CDr (INO-051 / AR-010)

Various Artists - Austin Noise 2012 2xCDr (INO-050) [info]



Sex Bruises - Black Eye CDr (INO-046)

Gym Mat Nap - Sublimated CDr (INO-045) [info]

Power Monster - Black Market Softcore 3"CDr (INO-044)

Gym Mat Nap - Severe Stylus In A Stolen Style CDr (INO-040) [info]

Low Red Center CDr (INO-039) [info]

Aunt's Analog & Dromez - Hello Douche 3"CDr (INO-038) [info]

VC Childkraft - Terrestrial Television 3"CDr (INO-037) [info]

Hexcrusher CDr (INO-036 / Facehugger #3) [info]

Gary B - Good One, Cheryl CDr (INO-035)

Pataphysics - The Salado Tape CS (INO-032) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Grasping Details 3"CDr (INO-031) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Fruitcake CDr (INO-030) [info]

978 Years - Look Out For The Roach! CDr (INO-029) [info]

Scissortail - Crushed 3"CDr (INO-028 / GOX-007) [info]

Aunt's Analog - How To Tapes Optional CDr (INO-027) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Ostrich Sized CDr (INO-026) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Convulsion 3"CDr (INO-025) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Action Recordist CDr (INO-024) [info]

Thrown Amp Heartaches Duo CDr (INO-023) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Tonal Black Asphalt CDr (INO-022) [info]


Gym Mat Nap - Noise Work-Out 2xCDr + ZINE (INO-020) [info]

Aunt's Analog - We Appreciate Your Feedback! CDr (INO-019) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Rain Wave CDr (INO-018) [info]

Pataphysics - Instincto Party Starring Pat. A. Physics CDr (INO-017) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Songs Of Potential CDr (INO-016) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Joy CDr (INO-015) [info]

Gym Mat Nap - Bad, Fake, & Music CDr (INO-014) [info]

'61 Triplets - Simple Sounds CDr (INO-013) [info]

'61 Triplets - Hey Let's Clear The Party CDr (INO-012) [info]

Nerd Table / '61 Triplets - On Xmas Eve, 61 Triplets Meets The Nerd Table And Then Drives Home CDr (INO-011) [info]

Zom Zoms - Lumboba's Tube CDr (INO-010) [info]

Pataphysics - The Lady With The Dog CDr (INO-008) [info]

'61 Triplets - No Answer CDr (INO-007) [info]

'61 Triplets - Sloppy Seconds CDr (INO-006) [info]

'61 Triplets - Earplugs & Oranges CDr (INO-005) [info]

Brando D Mando - The Best Of Supa Sessions Volume 2 CDr (INO-004) [info]

Brando D Mando - The Best Of Supa Sessions Volume 1 CDr (INO-003) [info]

Jr. Mensa - Direct Your Emotions Toward Uncontrollable Empathy CDr (INO-002) [info]

Aunt's Analog - Connecticut Etiquette CDr (INO-001) [info]